YASD protection: safe mode

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YASD protection: safe mode

Postby JT` » Fri 23. Feb 2018, 03:37

It would be nice if there were a newly added "safe mode", which can be toggled off in the game settings. If safe mode is on, the very first time you land on any given planet and the first time a hostile lifeform is seen, you will have to hit Spacebar to confirm sighting the lifeform before any other input will be accepted. From this point on, you are no longer bothered with warnings until you land again. The idea is not to be overly frustrating and requiring a keypress almost every time or after a short delay (q.v., Cataclysm) but instead simply to protect you from being forced to walk on eggshells on a new planet for the risk that it might have inhabitants, and to eliminate the "stupid" part of being overzealous in your exploration and convert it to "expected".

(My last YASD, I allowed myself to continue merrily scanning plants while a hostile lifeform was barrelling down on me. 12 points of damage per attack meant that it was more than strong enough to eat half of the away team in each bite, and I continued scanning the second time around because I didn't even notice the first bite... =))
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