Teasing megacorps

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Teasing megacorps

Postby Komisario Naamapalmu » Thu 20. Aug 2015, 05:57

What a world to explore :)

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I like the option to blackmail megacorps, it's great flavour. I have a suggestion about this, though.

If you blackmail one of the megacorps enough, major stations of both megacorps refuse access and fire upon your ship, right? Small stations remain neutral as usual.

I suggest giving the option of revealing the secret to the opposing megacorp, re-establishing access to their station. I don't know whether this can be implemented, though, but I can't see why not. They are two separate parties, just like the different races, and your standing with them probably should be at least partially separately.

I like the silliness of the situation: the megacorp practically declares war on you with your super mega battleship brimming with every conceivable alien murder gadget. I'm not against this in any way, of course, it's very typical to humans to think like this :D

Another suggestion:

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Actually, maybe this is already implemented in some way, I haven't tested it. When encountering a generation ship, giving them a boost by towing and taking them to their destination system sounds like a good plan. Maybe include discussion options/a quest for this?
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