Filthy rich

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Filthy rich

Postby Sebastian2203 » Sat 19. Mar 2016, 18:36

I know rarely anybody goes onto this forum anymore, but still I want to share what happened to me.

So I get a crew set up, all nice and new.
This pilot made me chuckle as his height was something like 1,10 centimeters (short like 6 years old child) then I looked onto his weight and he was like 90 kilos so I just imagined a really fat, ultra short dude all lazy in the pilot seat and try-harding to pilot this ship.

His bio states that the pilot was born on a ship in transit, so that´s what low gravity does to you huh?

Well I start exploring the sector and because I am playing Prospector I except death on every corner, but strangely a hour passes IRL and I find myself exploring like 30 planets with no trouble. Nobody has died yet and I upgraded from Scout ship to an Explorer, the profits are turning up very well as I am finding many alien animals and by pacifist use of anesthetics I sell them on the stations.

Oh yeah, the pilot is a dick and everytime I buy a communication satellite he just rams into it, every-single-time.
Good job fatty pilot and did I mention that he never landed without hurting the ship?

By the way I picked up this habit that I always leave the pilot on the ship, because I hate when they die skilled and I am forced to hire newbie pilot which could keep crashing my ship into stuff, so fatty pilot stays in his cockpit learning how to fly. Meanwhile the away-team runs around the planet discovering stuff.

Everything keeps going well and after long time of playing Prospector I am actually surprised how the game entertains me more when I am able to buy those awesome laser rifles and stuff my captain into a heavy combat armor, it just makes me droll to watch the armor stats rise together with the damage potential of my security rednecks.

I mean, I have nothing against that old fashioned way of dying every 10 minutes but this isn´t bad either.
So I keep on playing, finding more special planets and surprisingly none of them were those dick-planets that would just throw you face-to-face with an army of robots, no, just those cheerful little green planets full of nice aliens all willing to trade their statues while you teach them how to make wheels (seriously).

So yeah, an alien tells me about a tunel. So I enter, because I just think that I can handle anything with this amount of firepower right?

Oh hey, a small spider that is so afraid of me that it runs away. I shoot it.
Nice metals there, oh this tunel goes even deeper...

Okay I think those 100kgs of metals are enough and I march towards the surface, until I notice that a MUCH larger spider is chasing me, so I try to not mess with him and just keep going in bee-line towards the surface.
I am just 3 tiles from it when other two spiders start going towards me from the opposite direction, I am forced engage in very shameful combat as the rednecks which were still green, fall every goddamn turn, I seriously thought the laser rifles would do something, but they didn´t penetrate every second turn. But I manage to get at least one tile from the entrance until this spider decides to block it. I having no choice, choose to battle him, with grenades, with guns, with knifes. Nothing really hurts him and I am just surrounded by dozens pair of spider legs.

I die.

Because I have save-scumming turned on, I try to reload the game.
I find myself in orbit above the planet that I found my death on, so I am like, oh yeah that sucks.
So I try to return to station and retire with this large amount of money I have never seen.

Then I notice this thing, I have no crew.
The only remaining crew is the fatty pilot. Not even the captain is left.
I have no idea what just happened, but then I assume it was probably a bug. Or some other shenanigans of the code.

But then an idea comes to me, I can "RP" it so that the pilot got away, ship is empty and I have a skilled pilot who has nothing to loose.

So what I do next is sit at the bar for like 100 turns, letting like 10 passengers board and I fly across every station I know. Then I repeat that like twenty times.

Because the passengers pay me good for transporting, I keep getting more money.

So now I imagine alcohol addict, constantly drunk fat pilot in his seat all depressed and flying across the space.
With 200 000 credits on his account.

Good time to retire.
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Re: Filthy rich

Postby Sebastian2203 » Sat 18. Mar 2017, 20:58

A year ago... my past me would be a day away from posting this story..

But what he does not know, is that I plan something...
So I hope out of all the porn bots and other spammers there are still users who still love Prospector as much as I do.

Because I am preparing... something...
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Re: Filthy rich

Postby addictgamer » Fri 28. Apr 2017, 22:31

Sebastian2203 wrote:So I hope out of all the porn bots and other spammers there are still users who still love Prospector as much as I do.

Because I am preparing... something...

For posterity's sake: I definitely do. It's been a few years since I've played, but seeing the new releases, I want to check those out eventually.
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