Graphic glitch or just as planned?

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Graphic glitch or just as planned?

Postby PahanoKKK » Mon 29. Dec 2014, 14:31

Hi! First of all, thank for that great game! Last time I played it still didn't have tiles version, and I dont really know is this a bug or what - when I am exploring planets with atmosphere ~~~ this kind of stuff appears randomly, and doesnt clear out, if I press X for e"x"amine everything returns back to normal, and again. Playing without tiles.
And sorry for my english :c
Left is the problem, right is with X pressed.
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Re: Graphic glitch or just as planned?

Postby magellan » Mon 29. Dec 2014, 21:10

That's a glitch. Will have to look into that. I haven't looked at the Ascii version for quite some time, and just assumed it was working. I am fairly certain that the tiles version handles it correctly.
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