R177 Released - better than before

Announcing the latest release

R177 Released - better than before

Postby magellan » Fri 15. Nov 2013, 15:44

15.11 Version had a debugging flag set. If your game starts in orbit around apollos planet, please redownload.

Hello fellow space-explorers!

There are still things to be done, but the current build is better than the one that came before it. Less crashes, less bugs, some polish. And this time I even have a changelog!

Lets take a look at it:

+ Major and minor bugs fixed
+ If your ship has a hot weapon it will be shown in the sidebar on a planet
+ reversed the order of choose weapon and choose target when firing on a planet
+ fixed some rover pathfinding bugs
+ new quest: Patrol
+ Apollo bug fixed and some details improved in apollo interaction
+ Changed shipfire on surface (smaller radius, damage calculated differently, ignores playerarmor now too)
+ releasing a key held down now registers instantly
+ lowererd poker game bets

So go on, push that download button at the top or click here and have a sucessful weekend prospecting!
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Re: R177 Released - better than before

Postby Sebastian2203 » Fri 15. Nov 2013, 17:37


( Sorry if this is annoying, simply thank you for all your hard effort.
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Re: R177 Released - better than before

Postby Spacehamster » Sat 16. Nov 2013, 11:01

This great! Also a liiiiittle typo - description still says R175 (Windows prospector, linux both version).

======Off topic=====
Awwww... starting at random special planet - not fun.
And i think i already find another game bug and have new suggestions about new features. :|
Uhhh... i think you forget to turn off debug in R177 nosound (Wrote about it in "How to post a bug" sticking thread).
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Re: R177 Released - better than before

Postby magellan » Sat 16. Nov 2013, 11:43

How embarassing!
I forgot to unset a debug flag...

If you got 15.11.13 you should redownload!!!
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Re: R177 Released - better than before

Postby XxXAlphamaleXxX » Sun 17. Nov 2013, 14:28

Awesome, great jobs magellan, I love the fact that releasing the key instantly registers.
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Re: R177 Released - better than before

Postby HunterZ » Sun 17. Nov 2013, 23:21

New Linux release looks good.

Two minor issues with the .zip filenames:
- If the datestamp in the filename was YY.MM.DD instead of DD.MM.YY, then sorting multiple versions by filename would be much more intuitive.
- I noticed that the Windows and Linux .zip filenames are exactly the same. I had to rename one of them when saving them both to the same location (a network share). I suppose I could make Windows and Linux subfolders in my Prospector folder.

If you ever get worried about bandwidth, you may want to consider splitting downloads into binaries (executable + libraries), non-sound data files, and sound files. That way people could download just what they need.
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