Here we go again! R200

Announcing the latest release

Here we go again! R200

Postby magellan » Sun 23. Apr 2017, 15:22

Clicking on the download button above you will find the new version of prospector.

Changelog looks something like this:
!Savegames not compatible!
+ 2 artifacts (one inspired by no mans sky, but mine is better :) )
+ new hiring system
+ new shop
+ bugfix: creatures that can shoot shoot again
+ rewrote space combat code
+ beam weapons have reduced damage at longer ranges.
+ missiles are now missilier
+ If you manage to destroy a space station now you get to loot the place
+ Balancing: toned down enemy ship speed
+ Balancing: Patrol quests no longer pay ridiculous amonts of money
+ Balancing: Bonuses toned down
+ Balancing: slightly higher chance for aliens
+ Generally a lot of balancing and turning knobs one way or the other
+ New Tutorial mode
+ Polish: first time starting you get asked where you prefer your system maps (Another hint that they exist for new players)
+ Polish: Optional animated moves
+ Polish: No more false duplicate key warnings

There are still some issues, and I haven't polished and played as much in the last week as I would have wanted to, but I still think it's the best version so far. Linux sound version will be published as soon as I remember how to compile that :) Since next weekend is another 3 day one (at least in my neck of the woods) I hope to bring another minor update soon. In the meantime have fun!

Special thanks to spacehamster who cleaned the forum, and also spent some time testing the new version this week.

New version can be found here
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