• spawning crash fixed
  • Friendly unfriendlies fixed
  • New shipbuilding options: Aerodynamic and landing gear
  • Halucinations now have percentage chances depending on how many team members are infected, and are generally more confusing
  • Minimap scrolls now for maps bigger than 75x50
  • You can jump now in low gravity environments
  • Bioreport and dimnishing returns on biodata shold work now


    !Savegames not compatible!
  • some mid to late game crashes solved
  • Checking savegame compatibility works now
  • Attempt at stock market balancing
  • Toned down Merc shop academy
  • Some more minor bugs fixed


    !Savegames not compatible!
  • 2 artifacts (one inspired by no mans sky, but mine is better :) )
  • new hiring system
  • new shop
  • bugfix: creatures that can shoot shoot again
  • rewrote space combat code
  • beam weapons have reduced damage at longer ranges.
  • missiles are now missilier
  • If you manage to destroy a space station now you get to loot the place
  • Balancing: toned down enemy ship speed
  • Balancing: Patrol quests no longer pay ridiculous amonts of money
  • Balancing: Bonuses toned down
  • Balancing: slightly higher chance for aliens
  • Generally a lot of balancing and turning knobs one way or the other
  • New Tutorial mode
  • Polish: first time starting you get asked where you prefer your system maps (Another hint that they exist for new players)
  • Polish: Optional animated moves
  • Polish: No more false duplicate key warnings


  • Orbital splashing finally fixed
  • cage traps didn't empty: fixed
  • Gambling no longer counts as piracy. New mission type: Gambler
  • more attempts at balancing
  • competent talent works differently now (A competent captain gets 1 skill point in a random officer type skill)
  • some more minor bug squishing and quite a bit of polishing


  • fixed empty shops
  • fixed a bugged quest
  • Assigning piles of items works now
  • Dividing fire works again
  • Some attempts at balancing
  • Minor bugsquishing


  • !savegames not compatible!
  • No more orbital splash damage
  • changed to hit formula
  • Beefed up robot invasions
  • AIs are now crew members who don't fight, don't take damage and don't need space or oxygen
  • Customizing piles of items works now
  • Minor bug squishing


  • Robot ships no longer attack each other, stranded robot ships now show the correct tile
  • Fixed stim crashes
  • Hospitals now get a planetside menu entry
  • Suffocating no longer damages your suit
  • New ships were not supposed to start cursed (Used ships were)
  • Minor bug fixes


  • !Savegames are not compatible!
  • new type of shop
  • Some planetside shops where missing inventory
  • Ordering items works again
  • Fixed another bar-crash bug
  • Creatures in space no longer prevent you from taking over a ship
  • Stations no longer pay for towed ships, but Used Ship Shop does
  • UI improvement: (I)nspecting in space does the same as scanning
  • UI improvement: You can now use arrow keys to choose your landing pad


  • Quick Bugfix for planetside fire
  • savegame fixed
  • Fixed a crash bug at the bar
  • Some more minor bugfixes


  • All Shops now have their own inventory
  • New items: Nonlethal weapons
  • New items: Stims
  • teleporters now have different ranges
  • teleporting monsters
  • Drugs now have names
  • UI improvement: Fire on planet and in spacecombat now use the same interface
  • Trees no longer have bios
  • found and fixed an inventory bug
  • more minor bughunting and polishing


  • Ship inspections now may fix structural damage
  • Monsters on high grav worlds have more hps and are slower.
  • Mining stations now have mines again
  • No more unlimited supplies in shops
  • Space is still as dark, but suns are a bit brighter
  • Slight changes in retiring crewmembers
  • Added a list of star trek shipnames with 268 names (and found another B5 name: Ares)
  • minor bugs and continued polishing
  • Savegame versioning


  • Refracturing


  • Changed file layout


  • More types of shops possible in small space stations
  • Ordering Items in shops works now
  • Damage for teams with mixed spacesuit-status works now
  • Fixed a bug causing you to attack creatures after putting them in cages
  • Fixed exit crash
  • Spacecombat sound crash & heal disease crash fixed
  • lamps now do something and space is darker
  • some more polishing