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 Prospector R172_178 + mainly fixing minor bugs and cosmetics
+ critters no longer sleepwalk
+ turning in derelicts at spacestations now works, tractor beams don't break down as often anymore.
+ turns are now displayed as days, hours:minutes (If you play more than 8200 years it *will* roll over to 0)
+ Balancing: Snipers take longer to shoot

Uploaded on: Wed 20. Nov 2013, 09:55
Last changed on : Thu 5. Dec 2013, 08:57
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 Prospector R180 R180
+ Minor changes to goods supply should make price development more interesting
+ Minor and not so minor bugs fixed, one of them concerning apollo interaction
+ Minor UI improvements

+ minor bugfixes

Uploaded on: Thu 5. Dec 2013, 09:20
Last changed on : Wed 23. Apr 2014, 10:29
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 Prospector R181 R181

Savegames not compatible!

+ Balancing: Beefed up ancient alien ships, Bladebots are now slightly slower
+ Balancing: Character build points are worth more in money, talents cost 2 points instead of one
+ Balancing: Stockmarket unbroken
+ Balancing: New formula for weapons prices (Ship, ranged and closecombat)
+ more B5 ship names
+ New system to place pirate bases (It makes sense now)
+ UI: If you know where shops are on a planet/map and there are more than 3, you get a menu, as in the big spacestations.
+ People at the casino now might teach talents
+ Bug fix: Breeding monsters now breed their own sort
+ Rovers fixed
+ Oxygen inconsistency found and fixed. Higher grade armor now also has more oxygen storage
+ new "rooms" for underground caves
+ new starting option: junk ship
+ slightly updated manual
+ some more minor bugfixes

Uploaded on: Wed 23. Apr 2014, 09:10
Last changed on : Tue 29. Apr 2014, 10:19
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