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 Prospector R177 R177
+ Major and minor bugs fixed
+ If your ship has a hot weapon it will be shown in the sidebar on a planet
+ reversed the order of choose weapon and choose target when firing on a planet
+ fixed some rover pathfinding bugs
+ new quest: Patrol
+ Apollo bug fixed and some details improved in apollo interaction
+ Changed shipfire on surface (smaller radius, damage calculated differently, ignores playerarmor now too)
+ releasing a key held down now registers instantly
+ lowererd poker game bets

Uploaded on: Fri 15. Nov 2013, 14:58
Last changed on : Wed 20. Nov 2013, 09:38
619 10.76 MB
 Prospector R180 R180
+ Minor changes to goods supply should make price development more interesting
+ Minor and not so minor bugs fixed, one of them concerning apollo interaction
+ Minor UI improvements

+ minor bugfixes

Uploaded on: Thu 5. Dec 2013, 09:02
Last changed on : Wed 23. Apr 2014, 10:29
406 10.42 MB
 Prospector R172_178 + mainly fixing minor bugs and cosmetics
+ critters no longer sleepwalk
+ turning in derelicts at spacestations now works, tractor beams don't break down as often anymore.
+ turns are now displayed as days, hours:minutes (If you play more than 8200 years it *will* roll over to 0)
+ Balancing: Snipers take longer to shoot

Uploaded on: Wed 20. Nov 2013, 09:46
Last changed on : Thu 5. Dec 2013, 08:56
252 10.41 MB

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