Mining robots - overpowered?

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Mining robots - overpowered?

Postby PaulTB » Sun 11. May 2014, 21:22

Don't get me wrong, I like Mining robots. They are one of the lowest risk ways of getting sensible amounts of money in the game. I think they are a little too good, though.

One 'improved mining robot' will pay itself off, with profit, after one use. And you can keep using them for practically ever with very little* risk.

* Protip: Stations at the edge of the map tend to be safer than ones near the middle. The middle of the map usually turns into a war zone. :D

I would suggest increasing the price a lot. Maybe by four times or so. Or mining robots could be 'place once' (can't be moved from initial position) and eventually that area runs out of resources. Or maybe mining robots could be heavy enough that they reduce cargo slots by one. Just some thoughts.
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Re: Mining robots - overpowered?

Postby Arek_PL » Sun 13. Dec 2015, 15:53

yes, they are op, even with high cost at muds they are realy cheap at bot bin, finding bot bin and solar system full of lifeless planets give you stable income (even if you lost mining bot its not too cheap to replace after some time)

but while they are op you do not will need them at medium late game (only if you run out of credits for crew wages) because you do not have anything better to buy (just some implants after you get new cryo chamber) and planets have alot of resources too

making bots ocupy cargo space will only slow down creation of mining systems (need to fly 5-7 times from stadion to star if non trader and early game)

but why not make them dropable from orbit with chance to damage robot (useless derbits) if pilot skill is low and after sucessfull drop they will turn into (damageable) buildings what generate resources they will increase expenditures while creating mining network with making them a cargo

and non-trading light scout will fear pirates too when they order him to drop cargo while he is flying to drop his bot on planet (instead of just droping his empty cargo)
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