Mining Bots and Landing Pads

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Mining Bots and Landing Pads

Postby akhier dragonheart » Fri 24. Aug 2018, 22:49

For the mining bots I would really like if I didn't pick them up by default when walking over them. Maybe add a y/n prompt to it when you walk over it. That way I don't have to hunt through my inventory every time to find the same bot and slap it down.

Also in the same tact it would be nice if you could set up a landing pad on a planet or something. That way I can easily land were I want to (for instance, next to a mining bot).
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akhier dragonheart
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Re: Mining Bots and Landing Pads

Postby magellan » Sat 25. Aug 2018, 18:36

good points. I'll add those.
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