Avesome... avesome... avesome... but...

Any ideas how to improve the game or the site.

Avesome... avesome... avesome... but...

Postby dziwigor » Sun 24. May 2015, 06:07

I guess i could write "avesome" a few more times :D
unfortunately, there is one "but" (well, maybe two... but somehow connected)

...but no mouse support, or even more "touch-screen-friendly mouse support"
Why would I need that?
On my way to work, I sometimes play nethack, becouse there are nethack versions that are "touch/tablet friendly". It would be way, waaaaaaaaaaaaay better to play Prospector...

and (rough) design of this touch interface:
* areas marked with arrows would move player/cursor and middle spot would be "wait" while moving or "confirm" while selecting things with cursor (ieg. for attack)
* touching lower or right part of screen would display menus with commands, ieg. lower would display list of available actions and right list of available information screens. and somewhere (lower right corner?) should be area for "ESC"
* while choosing from list touching upper part of main area could move cursor up, lower would move down, and center would "accept"
* while entering numbers (amounts etc.) touching left part of main area would decrease and right part would increase number, while center part would "accept" it.

...also, when touch friendly controls would be implemented, Android version could be cool... :)
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