Jetpack implants shouldn't work through spacesuits

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Jetpack implants shouldn't work through spacesuits

Postby JT` » Sun 15. Nov 2015, 09:33

May I suggest that the jetpack implant can only function if the user is currently open helmet? This would imply removing the boots or opening the exhaust ports in the posterior or however else the person actually makes use of the implanted system. (I rather like the posterior idea, actually... a profound buzzing noise whenever a person flies around.)

It seems odd that having a built-in jetpack for only 200 cred can enable such massive all-terrain capability; some way to limit the versatility of that implant would be welcome, as it provides the same functionality as the full jetpack for only a fraction of the cost -- the only limitation being that once its owner is dead, the implant dies with them, compared to typical jetpacks which are redistributed as needed.

Another possible nerf is to reduce their fuel amount, since it's odd that anyone with a built-in jetpack can contain vast quantities of fuel inside their own body.

Or, if none of these nerfs are particularly desirable, we can of course simply increase the cost of the implant.
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