Multi playeR?

Any ideas how to improve the game or the site.

Multi playeR?

Postby trapac » Tue 15. Oct 2013, 02:32

Multi playeR?
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Re: Multi playeR?

Postby XxXAlphamaleXxX » Tue 15. Oct 2013, 11:09

Yeah its a long shot but its a cool idea, i already commented about it in the "Future of prospector" topic in general discussion, but it really seems to far fetched, servers cost money, at this point in time in the game it would be too difficult to really have fun because there's only 1 sector and if there was more then one it would seem more possible but it seems like it would require a whole rewriting of the game and how everything worked, but i do agree it would be awesome if the map was like 100X bigger or more.
Also roguelike is nearly never multiplayer, its just very very unseen, i mean TOME has mp but its not in the way you can interact its just through a chat.
this is probably due to map clearing, no one wants to go through a map with everything already killed and stripped of any good materials
same would go for prospector.
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Re: Multi playeR?

Postby Happy Corner » Tue 15. Oct 2013, 20:16

Not to be a dick, but I hate multiplayer. I play games when I want to be alone, and have no use for multiplayer.

I loathe games even having multiplayer as an option. Sure, I don't have to play that way, but implementing multiplayer (especially doing it right and keeping it balanced) takes up development time that could be used to make single-player better. Part of the reason GalCiv 2 was so good is because Stardock (back when they were still worth something) didn't waste resources making a MP mode that wasn't needed. There are too many games where the single mode ended up being just a half-assed "practice mode" for multiplayer.

It won't break my heart if Magellan doesn't consider MP.
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Re: Multi playeR?

Postby Arek_PL » Sun 13. Dec 2015, 16:04

multiplayer at roguelike? a lot of work for bugs and terrible gameplay
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