improved mining robots

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improved mining robots

Postby HunterAlpha1 » Thu 6. Feb 2014, 15:29

can i put as many as i want on a single planet or do they have to be one per planet?
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Re: improved mining robots

Postby Jiamil » Mon 28. Apr 2014, 15:51

I would like to also ask: Are those mining robots actually need ressources adjacent like on a mountain, or do they "generate" the ressources, and what kind of ressources do they generate? The game only tells "ressources".
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Re: improved mining robots

Postby FriskyTentacles » Sat 14. Feb 2015, 17:04

Only 1 mining robot works per planet. Also no, they just naturally gain resources magically. I don't understand why, but finding raw resources does not seem to equate to actual resources inside the planet.
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Re: improved mining robots

Postby ThatOneGuy » Sun 15. Feb 2015, 01:59

Think of it as your team and yourself can only observe surface deposits and ground laying minerals/Ore that's just poking out of the surface of a mountain. Mining bots actually mine and search underground. At least, that's how I think of it so as to not get annoyed at a minor issue
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improved mining robots

Postby KellyKam » Fri 7. Dec 2018, 03:55

I thought it worked that way. Do you have those robots exported or know someone who does?
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