graphic glitch and weird comments

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graphic glitch and weird comments

Postby Lorelei43 » Mon 13. Oct 2014, 13:49


Each time I move or do something, I have a message like Darknessx14 or darknessx20 appearing? Also often I get a number instead of a graphic, like '3073' instead of a particular graphic on the map?

I took version 189, unzipped it fully and ran the game, I did not meddle with any file.

Also bonus question, how do I get this display

My tiles are different and smaller! I prefer how it looks the same as on the screenshot linked above ...
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Re: graphic glitch and weird comments

Postby Spacehamster » Tue 14. Oct 2014, 21:40

Hello, Lorelei43.

All this weird comments and glitches caused by one thing - Magellan (Developer of prospectorrl) forgot to turn off debug mode. I will suggest you to use previous version. Or send e-mail to Magellan (You can find his mail here) with question how to disable debug mode.

As for bonus question - tinker with ingame config (especially with "main window width" and "resolution" options).

P.S. Bonus: Find CharacterSample1.png at graphics if you want to change player sprite looking.
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