Stragegems and other assistance

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Stragegems and other assistance

Postby FriskyTentacles » Sat 14. Feb 2015, 16:37

So I've noticed a distinct lack of strategies listed for this game, and I'm currently having trouble making a profitable ship. So why don't why all share our current strategies for getting good/better/not being a scrub?

My advice is this: If you're playing a trader, don't sell anything but luxury goods and weapon parts. Everything else is either a total loss or not even profitable enough to cover fuel. If you have a round of weapons/luxury goods and no station's buying at a profit then you can go around and explore a bit.

The only problem is the economy stabilizes once you start trading and it gets harder and harder to make a profit.

Currently I'm trying my hand at piracy, and it's a fairly good tactic. Let the bigger fish run away and then stomp the small light transports. Now nothing you sell at the pirate base is going to be as much as at a station, but it's still a profit.

Protips for piracy: Buy a shield, first thing. Even a level 1 shield improves your chances in combat tenfold. It also improves your profit margins, as hull points are semi expensive to repair. Also, if you can find a small station with a company office you're incredibly lucky. As you won't be able to approach larger stations.
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Re: Stragegems and other assistance

Postby Komisario Naamapalmu » Fri 21. Aug 2015, 07:38

Here's how I have thus far played the game and never had problems with money.

At the very beginning, I usually remove the pilot from the away team roster, especially if there aren't enough suits for everyone. I set tactics to defensive or non-lethal and try to avoid monsters.

My priority is to improve visibility as early as possible by buying helmet lamps, floodlights, ground penetrating radards etc. For ships, I buy the navigation computer as soon as possible. Landing gear is useful as well, and pretty inexpencive.

Second priority is jetpacks: I usually just buy them as augments, since they are cheaper and therefore easier to access. I usually don't bother with other augments than targeting and level II or III exoskeletons anyway. Well, I get a neural computer for the pilot when available.

I usually rush to combat armors and laser rifles for my troops, skipping lesser stuff (of course, at the very start, I get the most basic suits available, so they can start exploring). As soon as I have enough equipment for 4 or 5 crew members, they can take on most monsters and even hit them at the "reckless" tactic setting. Keep the distance to monsters as much as possible, though. At this point, it's a good idea to bring the pilot with you, since he or she will gain more xp from shooting at things than just piloting the craft.

The same goes with ships: I usually skip 2nd tier ships entirely. When I have the money for a 3rd tier ship, I have usually found some hulks on planets and can scavenge some of the 3rd level equipment needed (sensors, engines, shields).

I never really bother with corrosive atmosphere planets. I have also never used any of the mining bots, since there are so many other sources of money anyway.

This basic "from prospectors to private security company troops" approach has worked reasonably well for me thus far. I haven't tried trading yet, so I don't really know the ins and outs of trading yet.
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Re: Stragegems and other assistance

Postby Arek_PL » Sat 5. Dec 2015, 20:53

Personally i rush for imp. mining bot, they provide good amount of profit and if planet is lifeless (or you killed all inhabitants) its rare to get one missing (not sure about lava because i avoid planets with it), i have whole solar systems of mining bots.

For away team i go for fiber suits (mining bots allow me to get them early) and if i can i buy laser guns too.

For ship weapon i like plasma cannon to defend myself on planet when there is more powerful enemy (robots!), because i avoid space combat
I go for light scout but i change it to medium custom ship with 155 fuel, 3 sensors, 2 weapon turrets, 2 shield, 2 engine with no cargo space (im not a trader) maybe later some ship suitable for exploration and self defense

My primary job is collection of artifacts, sometimes biodata and mostly mapping of solar systems (not much profit but mining bots give me a lot of money)
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