Ordering items not working?

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Ordering items not working?

Postby Maenethal » Thu 8. Jun 2017, 11:36

Whenever I order an item, I leave the station for a while, come back and see that it says "your order has arrived" but I never see it anywhere. Is it hidden somewhere, or is it just a bug?
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Re: Ordering items not working?

Postby testor » Wed 29. Nov 2017, 11:15

Happens a lot to me too in R203 Linux.
But sometimes my orders do arrive.
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Re: Ordering items not working?

Postby magellan » Thu 14. Dec 2017, 10:54

Looking at the code it should work fine. (Especially if you get the message "your "correct item here" has arrived"
Haven't tested yet. Will look into it.
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