The adventures of the lone wolf

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The adventures of the lone wolf

Postby magellan » Wed 26. Dec 2018, 19:08


Started a game yesterday, and I intend to release a new version as soon as I die. (And of course fix bugs and polish stuff I notice along the way) I decided to do a bit of a journal of my progress here, since it is a bit of a challenge game of sorts.

The first thing the captain of the LS Lone Wolf did was to dock at the small space station and fire all his crew. I do not intend to hire anybody. No trees, no squid creatures, I will do this alone! If I get a friendly robot, I propably will keep that one, but with -5 on science rolls the chances are rather slim.

So docking is now free, but landing (Unless it's low gravity no atmosphere) is 100 cr. a piece. :) I got lucky on my way from the small space station to the center one, and found a rogue gas giant with a moon. No life on the moon but there was a cave. Quite a bit of ressources. I had 10k Cr. when I left SHIs office on the first station.

Bought myself a jetpack, a servo ballistic suit and a vibro sword. I killed an Alien mano a mano, but then realized without an SO or doctor I can't gain biodata from it!
I so far found 2 robot vaults. No chance to pick the lock and breaking down the doors would propably be instadeath, so I am ignoring them. (I do have a laser drill)

Got AT landing gear so now landing checks are at -3 instead of -5. Still stuff tends to get bent whenever I land.

Found the indi colony and bought a disintegrator! I could buy a bigger ship by now, but what's the point? One of the main advantages is to have more room for crew, and the lone wolf doesn't really need that. Maybe I go the warship route.

Also I added a new Item in the next version: It attracts critters on the map to it's location. Right now it's called thumper (Hello dune!) If anybody can think of a better name I would be most interested ...

Spoilered thumper variant:
[+] Spoiler
There is an artifact version of the Item that attracts robots. It's called Robot beacon.
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Re: The adventures of the lone wolf

Postby magellan » Sat 29. Dec 2018, 21:23

Captain Quinn of the Lone Wolf is dead.

Did some planet runs, some patrol quests. Managed to defeat quite a few pirates. Found the planet with the mushroom eaters. I defeated their monster and somehow manged to actually tell them that I did so! I sold the stuff at Mr Grey of the independent colony. Found the starfish planet, but luxury/tech good spread wasn't big enough to make trading worthwhile.

Then I found the planet with the ????.
I wondered if there was any reward for braving it's dangers. (I can't remember) So I decided to take a look, feeling pretty save with my balanced disintegrator and a personal forcefield with improved camo. I run into acid rain (1 pt of damage) then 2 ???? attack! first does 2 points of damge, second does 3.

We all know how many HPs a captain has.
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Re: The adventures of the lone wolf

Postby magellan » Sat 29. Dec 2018, 21:30

Oh! i also found the planet of the immortals and entered the cave!
First level was no problem, but tunnel to the second level led me down to two hostile creatures, right next to me.
Taking a hit I wisely decided to retreat. I wondered if I could run around them with speed stims, but didn't actually make the attempt.
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Re: The adventures of the lone wolf

Postby Spacehamster » Sun 30. Dec 2018, 07:56

magellan wrote:I intend to release a new version as soon as I die.

Posthumously? ;(

Jk. Anyway, I tried lone wolf style as well. First game... uhhh... ended in six minutes or so. Chose Light Transport for extra money (Usually you can sell cargo for ~400 cr + 400 cr. for quest which always leads to station 2.). Dumped all creds into points during captain creation, 8 random traits (And captain #1 was lucky enough to get Competent (Pilot, Science) and Gambler (2)). Fired crew, visited another station, sold cargo than returned for first small station to play some poker. Won ~8000 creds than tried to reproduce minor poker bug... and got into 'your opponent sees' loop what locked my game.
I'm pretty sure game tried to taught me lesson about greed or what gambling is vice. Or something.

Captain #2 didn't got gambler trait so she was... much more adventurous. Encountered game-ending bug too. Big green one. Called Burrower. Actually two of them.
Yeah, poor lass died for sake of lame joke. Under three minutes.

Captain #3 (Competent (Pilot 1, Gunner 2)+ 1 random trait. Sadly starting points is kinda random so sometimes you get 2 and sometimes 'whooping' 3) still alive but his life not so exciting: mostly trading and... hunting pirates on his starting LT. Either pirates too pathetic or LT is surprisingly good for space combat. Or I'm just plain lucky.
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Re: The adventures of the lone wolf

Postby Sebastian2203 » Thu 3. Jan 2019, 19:34

I hope one day when I finish my space game I will be as forgetful as you are about it so I can enjoy it even years after creating it!
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