Now where are my keys?

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Now where are my keys?

Postby magellan » Wed 9. Jul 2014, 09:06

Yesterday I started a game for the first time in quite a while.
It went Ok-ish to well.
I had a junkship of a freighter, and was running away most of the time.
I tricked a pirate into believing I had no cargo.
5 minutes ago I continue.
First my well maintained ship suffers from an explosion in the cargo bay, destroying one ton of luxury items.
My pilot and my doctor retire on docking at the next station, leaving me alone to handle the ship.
Then I can't sell my other ton of luxury goods there at a profit.
A little later I decide to visit the friendly little mining station that is sending greetings. Walk a bit around their planet, totally forget to look at my oxygen, stroll back towards the ship, and ...
die during the very last step onto the ships tile.

Well, back to debugging I guess :)
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