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Postby Giorgy » Tue 2. May 2017, 12:20

I was wondering if i can *try to help with lots of sounds missing. -and DAT sound of landing
waking up the neighborhood-
I will need some info though
1)What missing sounds do you thing is most important? (for start)
2)Format of sound
3)max kB for each sound

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Re: Sounds

Postby magellan » Wed 3. May 2017, 19:52

Help is of course always appreciated!
The sound library prospector uses can read .wav, .ogg and .mp3
There shouldn't be a size limit, though of course blowing up the zip file to 500 GB would propably be a little too much :)

As to what sounds would be nice: I have to confess I never thought a lot about it. when I play I always use the nosound version.

Just brainstorming here:
A computer voice for the warnings was of course always something I would have preferred to the beeps.
Sirens for entering space combat?
we now have lasers projectiles and missiles for space combat, but I don't the sounds reflect that
Atmospheric sounds for planets/docked derelicts?
Breathing sound for planets without atmosphere, animal noises for planets with animals, murmuring and crowds for when you get close to other people? blowing wind, crackling rocks etc?
erm... cave sounds?

As I said, just brainstorming
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Re: Sounds

Postby Giorgy » Fri 5. May 2017, 12:40

I hope there is way for the *engine to distinguish different atmospheric planet conditions
Atmosphere= i.e "light wind ambient"
No Atmosphere= "silence"
Player wearing helmet= "Helmet breathing sounds" (NO ambient sounds or -50 volume of original conditions sound)
Player doesn't wear helmet= "Planets ambient regarding to conditions" (normal volume)

Of course (for start) i ll give it a shot with the easiest things you mentioned above

Be well
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