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It Lives!

Postby Bad_Moon_Rising » Thu 4. May 2017, 20:45

I've been playing Prospector since eight? years ago or so. I returned to it a few months ago and lamented the possibility that it was abandoned. I am glad to see that it has not been. I have played many space games and there is nothing quite like Prospector out there. You have done some amazing work, and you have my respect and admiration for your creation.
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Re: It Lives!

Postby Bloodocean7 » Sun 18. Jun 2017, 11:47

I feel the same way, not many space games out there that scratch the same itch for space exploration. I hope this game continues to grow.

Thank you to the developer for years of enjoyment and an awesome game.

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Re: It Lives!

Postby testor » Wed 29. Nov 2017, 12:07

Donations would keep it alive, time is a limited resource you know.
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Re: It Lives!

Postby Kaaven » Tue 13. Feb 2018, 02:38

Yup, so happy to see the game alive and growing once again. Its one of my favourite space exploration games ever. Thanks for your hard work!
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Re: It Lives!

Postby magellan » Thu 15. Feb 2018, 10:11

Thank you guys very much!
It's always nice to hear that people like the game.
I am hoping to get a new version ready for next weekend. (Though to be honest I tend to do so for almost all the weekends)
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