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Helping with development

Postby e102 » Fri 5. May 2017, 20:55


Is there any way to help out with prospectors development? The google code repo seems to be out of date and I'd be interested in pitching in with bugtracking/coding if possible.
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Re: Helping with development

Postby magellan » Mon 29. May 2017, 06:29

Sorry for replying so late, and thanks for the offer.

To make this thing open source again I would have to move to github i guess. Not sure if that is worth the hassle. There have been successful collaborations in the past, but it's not like there are dozens of people working on this thing.
I am not entirely sure how to delegate at the moment. There aren't any "you do this part" things. Just lots of small stuff that needs to be adressed.
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