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Postby plume » Thu 7. Feb 2019, 00:42

I've been playing this on and off for a few years now, and absolutely love it. Upon installing to a new superpowered laptop and remembering that I had to configure the resolution on the last one to take up as much of the screen as possible and set my wallpaper to completely black, and move all my icons that were at the edge of my desktop to the middle so they weren't visible at the edge of the window that WAS visible, and changing the colour of my windows titlebars to black just so I could get the most immersive experience I could, without a dedicated Fullscreen mode... I thought "Was a fullscreen mode ever implemented?" Was it? I've taken a peek through the forums and it seems it wasn't, but apologies if I have missed a post explaining a solution :)
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Postby XxXAlphamaleXxX » Sat 13. Jul 2019, 01:25

To my fullest degree of knowledge, no there has never been a fullscreen mode, i think mainly because its a simplistic game that wasn't really designed toward screen size detection and other things games generally are optimized for. However I don't think it would be too hard to do it, Magellan probably wont set it up and if he has it may have done what many other screen and graphic optimizations have done in the past and cause bugs, glitches or uncharacteristic lag, most of the time roguelikes do not lag but in the case of prospector, certain things, especially those related to screen adjustment seemed to make the game non responsive to commands, so you would try to move in one direction and it wouldn't respond so you would do so 30 more times, then all 30 commands take place, your character starts walking in to a mountain for 30 turns and then your oxygen gets spent and you die.... anyways that's what occurred back in 2015 when we last messed with those things
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