Is this still being updated?

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Is this still being updated?

Postby Maenethal » Sat 25. Apr 2020, 20:38

Last update was a couple of years ago. Is this still being worked on, or have the devs moved on?
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Re: Is this still being updated?

Postby Justaround » Tue 5. May 2020, 11:36

Probably not, though it may be whenever @magellan will care to. Not sure how active he is here, consider sending an email.
Either way, it's a decent game, but very, VERY unknown even among the circles of rougelike enthusiasts. No mentions on any discords, message boards, wikis dedicated to such games - and with seemingly little interest from the community, there's limited interest from the dev. Even though yeah, there were quite a few players in its more active age that really enjoyed the game.
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