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???? the myth, the legend

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???? the myth, the legend

Postby tedward1337 » Wed 4. Feb 2015, 22:20


Oh boy, any ideas what this was? It said monster, but could this be the work of a based God, or just a bug?
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Re: ???? the myth, the legend

Postby magellan » Sun 8. Feb 2015, 12:31

Not a bug. Mildly spoily perhaps (I am careful with these things)

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Re: ???? the myth, the legend

Postby PandoraFay » Wed 16. Sep 2015, 22:01

I was killed on a drifting transport by ????, I always wondered what it was... "The ???? attacks..."
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Re: ???? the myth, the legend

Postby Arek_PL » Sun 6. Dec 2015, 19:08

i have no idea what is it but it can be killed, managed to kill one on drifting light transport ship.
dIssecting a ???? doesnt yeld any bio data
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