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Assets and Titles

Postby Rattlebox » Mon 2. Mar 2015, 18:07

Hiya! Just found a planet where there are two shops. One sells titles (like Duke, Lord, etc) and the other sells assets (manors, asteroids, planets). What is the point to these, if any currently? They're a little too pricey for me to drop any money on the check them out.
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Re: Assets and Titles

Postby OldManPopo » Tue 3. Mar 2015, 04:01

The planets and such is for when you retire your character. Think of them as long term investments for your future. Even though I haven't had anyone live long enough to retire yet, I think that's what they're for. I haven't seen the Title shop yet, so I have no idea what that might be for.
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Re: Assets and Titles

Postby FriskyTentacles » Tue 3. Mar 2015, 15:15

The title place is for if you retire, it assures a higher ranking in society.
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