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First impressions

Postby Komisario Naamapalmu » Thu 13. Aug 2015, 05:12

I have now completed a single game where I got filthy rich and retired. Of course, there were maybe half a dozen crews who didn't make it, the latest dying on board the explorer SS Commando Cody when a merchant ship (?) hiding in an asteroid field attacked.

I think this is a very nice and well thought-out game with a lot of soul. That's probably what I like about Roguelikes in general as well; creators can really put their love in their games. The universe is quite expansive with a lot to explore. I has quite a steep learning curve and the mechanics involved are hard to grasp (damage output especially), but it didn't take that long to learn that certain-coloured monsters were more dangerous and laser rifles with accuracy mods start making a dent to metal men.

I also like that the game doesn't take dozens of hours to complete, as this leaves more options for exploration. It would be sad if I would skip many of the special planets due to the danger factor. Now the risk isn't too overwhelming, since getting up a decent crew doesn't take up the entire weekend.

There were naturally some bugs. Inventory management doesn't function properly - assigning specific items doesn't always work, the sniper will end up with palladium instead of a laser rifle, for instance. My crew also lost some items, such as three plasma rifles and a end-game big ship gun, these probably just disappeared. One time they were firing a monster near the equator they couldn't hit at all and caused damage to the tiles across the equator (dunno if around the whole planet) instead. Two crews were apparently blasted out of the sky by merchants: one hiding in an asteroid field and one the crew was defending from an attack. At least that's what the death note said.

All in all, a very entertaining game. There are still many things to see and I'd be very happy to see its development continued.
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