Beginner's Guide to Not Dying

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Beginner's Guide to Not Dying

Postby Happy Corner » Sun 15. Sep 2013, 17:06

I started this page on the wiki... I included a few tips that I use, but feel free to expand it into a more complete beginner's guide.

Also, this new Prospector website is nice. Good job putting it together, Magellan.
Happy Corner
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Tribble owner
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Re: Beginner's Guide to Not Dying

Postby phpbbadmin » Sun 15. Sep 2013, 18:28

Thank you!
There was actually a page on the old wikia wiki about it. But a fresh take on the subject is nice and then we could merge the two.
Also: as promised: First to get here get's a free tribble!
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Re: Beginner's Guide to Not Dying

Postby WellingtonTheThird » Tue 17. Sep 2013, 16:36

An open invitation to helping improve a survival guide? Sounds cool. I'll be sure to try to share any list of tips I may come up with.
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