R187 released!

Announcing the latest release

R187 released!

Postby magellan » Tue 8. Jul 2014, 15:42

Hello again. A new version is availiable.

+ Changed file layout

+ More types of shops possible in small space stations
+ Ordering Items in shops works now
+ Damage for teams with mixed spacesuit-status works now
+ Fixed a bug causing you to attack creatures after putting them in cages
+ Fixed exit crash
+ Spacecombat sound crash & heal disease crash fixed
+ lamps now do something and space is darker
+ some more polishing


Have fun!

In other news I am at the start of a 2 week vacation, and hope to get a lot of work done on prospector, and be a bit more active on the forum again.
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Re: R187 released!

Postby DarthNihilus » Sun 13. Jul 2014, 18:49

jeeeezz the game is sooo difficult now :(((( I can't go further 1-2 star systems....

and it says it's 186
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