Prospector R204 - now with more explosions

Announcing the latest release

Prospector R204 - now with more explosions

Postby magellan » Mon 11. Dec 2017, 09:15

Finally managed to relase a new version. Still a lot of things to do, but also a lot done and improved. Hoping to get back to a higher frequency of releases again.
Only windows for now, Linux will come later this day or tomorrow.
Good luck and have fun!


!Savegames not compatible!
+ Ion storms and black holes added
+ Better engines now use fuel more efficiently
+ Crash landing no longer means instadeath
+ Adaptive bodyarmor has now additional advantages (And one again it used to have)
+ Air rushing out of ships now works even if done from the outside!
+ Rocket launchers now work
+ fixed a display error regarding wages in config
+ No more wierd behaviour when docking with more than one ship in one field
+ Setting wage to low number before hiring now affects morale (thanks to HisShadow for

pointing out this loophole)
+ Mouselook and you can now use the mouse for menues,clicking on the map on planets makes

you walk to that place
+ Some balancing, polishing and minor bugfixes
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