R192 Released

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R192 Released

Postby magellan » Sun 26. Oct 2014, 16:53

Another small one, just what I got done over the weekend. Hopefully next week will be as productive as this one was (Though I doubt it)

!Savegames are not compatible!
+ new type of shop
+ Some planetside shops where missing inventory
+ Ordering items works again
+ Fixed another bar-crash bug
+ Creatures in space no longer prevent you from taking over a ship
+ Stations no longer pay for towed ships, but Used Ship Shop does
+ UI improvement: (I)nspecting in space does the same as scanning
+ UI improvement: You can now use arrow keys to choose your landing pad

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Re: R192 Released

Postby XxXAlphamaleXxX » Sun 2. Nov 2014, 10:00

Glad to see an update =)
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