Landing Gear and Aerodynamic

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Landing Gear and Aerodynamic

Postby magellan » Mon 5. Jun 2017, 16:25

So anybody yet experimented with this?
In the shipdesigner you can now make ships that are non areodynamic and/or have no landing gear. You can still land with both, but it is going to hurt. There is also a new module that houses landing pods. They are easy to land and dock (No piloting checks) but have a limited capacity and no radioing your ship when you land with one of these.

I have been considering several options to develop this further.
* Option for new game: remove those for extra points
* Add the option to remove those when buying a new ship for a lower price
* Add new ship types. Far Transport, Deep Scout etc.

Any thoughts, feedback experiences?
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Re: Landing Gear and Aerodynamic

Postby BluntBSE » Thu 10. Aug 2017, 01:03

Hey. First, just want to say that I'm very happy to see that this game is still being developed and getting love. I go on a roguelike kick every year or so and this one's always on the list.

Second, as much as I really wanted to, I didn't wind up using nonaerodynamic/gear-free ships. The discount just wasn't steep enough for me to consider it. By the time I needed to upgrade, I could afford the maximum medium hull (15,000cr), and I couldn't unlock that much more without taking penalties.

Basically, I feel like taking those penalties restricts you to piracy and trading as basically your only sources of income, which is really quite limiting! Great if you want to blow dudes up, but it excludes you from the most detailed part of the game.
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Re: Landing Gear and Aerodynamic

Postby vlad_1492 » Sun 12. Nov 2017, 09:57

I like it.

Never cared for the idea of a huge ship like the NCC-1701 doing atmospheric landings just to collect resources.

With the shuttlecraft it works well, and the cost of a weapon slot seems about the right weight.
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