R190 Released

Announcing the latest release

R190 Released

Postby magellan » Wed 22. Oct 2014, 13:59

Hi folks!
I *really* need to look at this forum more often.
Anyway: New version here, this time without debugging flag on, and some neat new stuff:
+ All Shops now have their own inventory
+ New items: Nonlethal weapons
+ New items: Stims
+ teleporters now have different ranges
+ teleporting monsters
+ Drugs now have names
+ UI improvement: Fire on planet and in spacecombat now use the same interface
+ Trees no longer have bios
+ found and fixed an inventory bug
+ more minor bughunting and polishing

Have fun!
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Re: R190 Released

Postby Spacehamster » Wed 22. Oct 2014, 17:55

Update during fall? That weird. Anyway, thanks for release, Magellan.

P.S. You again forgot to delete highscore (At least for nosound version) and not difficult to see what that "R189" at main menu.
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Re: R190 Released

Postby magellan » Thu 23. Oct 2014, 08:44

That's wierd. I updated the files. Sorry again.
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