R209 Bugreport

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R209 Bugreport

Postby Spacehamster » Sat 21. Jul 2018, 17:22

Kinda random as usual. And little more coherent than notes. :D
Finally reached board attachment quota. Gonna fix this later. So here only text for now. Other stuff with e-mail.

Caused by layfire (fire->0) at
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Crystal Planet when shooting at big group of big living crystals (another one was during combat with single robot at surface of biggest alien ruins)

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07-18-2018 21:24:11 R 209 EXPLOREPLANET:EP_MONSTERUPDATE reporting Error #6 at line 2182!

1. Gun, Railgun and Autocannon hits your own ship when you tries to shoot at any location\other ships. (projectile spawns at same tile as player ship?) (Scr:RP_209_Maj_autocannon;save: autocannon.sav)
2. Quantum Warhead Tech overwrites exit option in missile shop menu and prevents player from leaving missile menu.
(Scr: RP_209_M_Warhead)
3. Unconscious creatures still able to move and attack awayteam.
4. Non-hostile creatures don't cares if they get shot with non-lethal tactic but each successful
hit still gives awayteam experience.
5. All character traits raises close combat accuracy.(Originally, I thought it was caused by sharpshooter trait. Silly me). (Scr:RP_209_M_Sharp)
6.(As intended?) Fast Robots (visually) able to teleport on big range (~5-10 tiles) and attack 2-4 per tick/turn and with their damage output per attack this makes them even more dangerous than battlebots. Honestly, I like them this way but that also reminds me about old overcharged pirate ships.
7. Armored Robots not able to move, only attack awayteam when they next to them.
8. Poker. Option See(0cr) most of time acts similar to Fold option.
9. Poker. Sometimes opponents locks in constant raise\see loop and forces player to fold, or lose money as game don't proceed further and prompts to choose same options again and again after reducing player's money. (Scr:RP_209_M_Poker)
10. Death near blackhole completely corrupts legally savescummed save. (empty.sav)
11. Barely reproduceable: Hiring security personnel with 'all option' locked game (aka deathfreeze) at arena (Ditch) world.

1. Humans and neutral creatures randomly dies upon awayteam reentry of sublevels (Caverns\Pyramids\Ditch Arena\Zoo\etc). Can't figure what triggers this yet.
2. Single non-hostile robots often spawns at abandoned alien scout ships and special planet surfaces (Robo-only). (Scr:RP_209_M_peace)
3. Gunner at bar taught his special trait (evasion) to crewman for 0cr.
4. Quest giver still bothers about robofactory despite quest was succesfully finished. Questlog clear too.
5. Player captains still hates their lives. Their morale always :( or :/.
6. If character have too many traits, they covers autoequip option in awayteam equipment menu. (Scr:RP_209_M_Autoeq)
7. Few typos. Space combat simulator: 'you loose' after losing; Bar 'personel'; And few in tutorial messages but need to look for them again.
8. Ctrl+I seems to be showing debug numbers for players ship cargo; (Scr: RP_209_M_Ctrl_I)
9. Change captain details menu. After entering character name, games promts to choose gender 'f' does nothing when 'm' actually changes gender but opens full game log at first. Better to remove this prompt: gender option already a thing in this menu after all.
10. Change captain details menu. Height and weight randomized minimum and maximum values different from one player can actually choose. Also maximum 255.
11. Poker. Opponents rejoins poker game each round and if one of more of them don't have enough money to proceed they immediately leave which causes screen to flicker.

1. Some kind of overlay over hostile creatures to show what creatures hostile. Maybe only active if special item\officer\ or character with special trait present in awayteam?
Endgame thing:
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Not sure if it bug. Crystal planet dungeon unbeatable due mapgen error (Can't pass anywhere at second level labyrinth. No hidden doors and can't go through crystal walls even with A-Bomb)? Crystal shard don't spawns anymore and it impossible to reach shipcontrol center? Or I miss something?
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Re: R209 Bugreport

Postby magellan » Mon 23. Jul 2018, 09:13

Thanks Spacehamster!
21.7. was my birthday, so i consider this my birthday present :) Already managed to find a few, and hope to make it through this list during the week.

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