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Changing resolution

Postby Clanf » Mon 15. Apr 2019, 21:12

so, i recently start playing on new big monitor and game's original resolution became kinda a problem, everything too tiny and not really conformable to look at
after messing a bunch with settings without any success, the only solution i found is to increase tiles size in options ("_tix:" and "_tiy:") and accordingly rescale all graphics
maybe i did it completely wrong, but it kinda worked out in the end, i went for 150% increase, changed tiles size from 24x24 to 36x36 and rescaled everything except for fonts
and it looks great! "nearest neighbor" resampling does wonders and everything is quite nice, well, maybe game performance dropped a bit, but not too significantly
so i wonder, is it the only way to make game bigger? not just change game's window size, but "everything inside" too, or maybe i just missing really easy solution? again, messing with ingame options didn't do much for me...
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