R197 Goodbye 2014 edition

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R197 Goodbye 2014 edition

Postby magellan » Sun 28. Dec 2014, 17:26

So, here we go again, very propably for the last time this year. Savegames are not compatible.
Here is what I managed to get done:
!Savegames not compatible!
+ you can change map sizes when you start the game. Size will now be saved with the savegame
+ Aliens who can pick up items now also may be able to open doors
+ Balancing: Artifacts and robot ships appear later
+ Certain RNG-extremness in universe creation alleviated
+ Other assorted balancing attempts
+ Planet rotation now accurately maps to day-night cycle
+ Game now knows if it can load a savegame or not
+ minor polishing

As always you can find it here and as always I hope you will find the new version improved.
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